Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for an Account?

Click here to signup

What is next after signing up for an account?

The next step is to Collect your member’s detail to enter into the system.

How do I collect member’s details to enter on the system?

You can collect your members detail with the manage my flock membership form. Click here to download

How do I Import Existing Member Information?

You can import existing member data saved in an Excel CSV file using our Import tool. The data upload and save process is instant and you can see the uploaded data as new Members immediately.
Login into your Managemyflock account and you will find the import tool in the Manage Member Section.

How do I save my Church Member's contact details?

Simply login to your account if you are a registered user, then click Add members in the menu. Fill in the details in the form and click save. The details will be saved. You can access it anytime

Do I need to fill in my account/ Credit card details to sign-up?


What is the Managemyflock Mobile App?

The managemyflock Mobile App enables you to privately communicate with your Church members. You can easily disseminate information to everyone in your church by sending a single message. You can create Groups and post messages to group members.
Only Members of your church can access information you send in this app. You can also moderate comments, block any unauthorized user from seeing information posted to your church.
We use a unique Church Code to identify your church.

Where do I find My Church Code?

Your Church Code can be found in the Account Settings Page.
Step 1: Login to your Account
Step 2: Click the Account Settings Link under the Menu.
Your Church code is listed under your account information.

** If you are a Church Member, please contact your Pastor / Church Admin for your Church Code.

Do I have to pay separately for Managemyflock Mobile App?

You get access to all our services which includes customer support.

What do i pay for?

You ony pay for premium services such as sending Text Messages. If you want you send SMS, you pay only for the SMS you send.

How do I Use Managemyflock? I need training.

Please visit How-to Videos section which serves as a general guide on how to perform certain tasks. If you need more assistance or further training, please contact us :

Can I use on my mobile Device?

Yes, It's mobile friendly and will work on any internet connected device. Simply open a web browser on your device and visit to access your account. Managemyflock is accessible from any Modern Internet browser such as Google Chrome. We recommened using the Swift Scanner App on Desktop (Laptop) devices for a smooth experience.

Can I update my church Member's contact details?

Yes, you can easily update your church member's contact information at any time if there are changes

Is my Information secure ?

Yes, your information is securely stored on our servers, and all information are encrypted during transmission. We take Data security seriously.

How do I Generate Data Reports?

You can generate Weekly, Monthly or Yearly data reports anytime. This depends on the availability of your data. If you have sufficient data stored for the selected dates, a graph will be generated showing the growth of your church over a certain period. It is important to constantly add service attendance & absence data, so you can enjoy the benefits of the data reports.

Can Generated Reports be printed ?

Yes you can easily print reports. Once your report data is generated, you will see a red Print button above the report; click it and it will open the graph in a new page ready for printing.

Can I Send Bulk SMS ?

Yes, you can send multiple SMS in a single message to all your members or to Groups you previously created.

Is there a limit to the Number of SMS i can send?

No, however it is important to send SMS responsibly and only to Church Members.

How much do you charge per SMS?

Send SMS starting at:
United States: $0.0065 , United Kingdom: $0.030, Canada: $0.0065, Nigeria $0.023. You can also view SMS Rates in the SMS Dashboard in your Manage my Flock Account.

What Countries can I SMS ?

You can send Send SMS to any country in the World.
If you intend to send an SMS to a U.S or Canada number, it is mandatory to choose a phone number in your Managemyflock SMS Dasboard.

How do I pay for SMS?

Our SMS Service is a Pay as You go Service. You only pay for what you user. Click Add Credit in the SMS Dashboard located in your Managemyflock Account.You can pay with a Credit or Debit card.

Does my SMS Account Balance Rollover?

Yes, your SMS account balance is yours.
i.e If you add $10 USD to your account and spend $2 in sending SMS in the current month, the balance $8 will remain in your SMS Account.

What is a Sender ID?

A Sender ID is the name that is shown to the SMS recipient. i.e Faith Inc . Country Restrictions apply only to US. or Canada.

What is the length of SMS i can send?

The Standard of an SMS is 160 characters. SMS longer than 160 characters are concatenated into a Single message to the recipient. You will be billed per unit message (160 characters).

Can I use the App without using the automatic sign in Feature?

Yes a member can sign in by simply typing their name on the manual sign in page.

What is the Manual Attendance Feature?

It is an alternative to the Swift Entrance App, you can count members manually during a Church Service and Save their information in the Manual Attendance Page.

What does the Swift Entrance App do?

The Swift Entrance is used as an automatic membership sign system that works with an automatic or manual scanner.

Is it compulsory to use the Swift Entrance feature?

No.You can still save attendance data manually by counting.

What is the difference between the Automatic ccanner and Manual scanner?

The automatic scanner operates without requiring a click; members can sign in by simply touching their KEYCARD on the scanner at the church entrance. While the manual scanner requires a person to click the scanner so that it can read the KEYCARD.

What is a Key-card?

The KEYCARD is a small plastic card with a readable barcode used with a scanner to sign in a member at the entrance of the church.

Can a missing/ Damage key-card be replaced?

Yes, simply contact

What if a Member forgets their Keycard?

A Member can sign in by simply typing their name in the Swift Entrance App which automatically signs them in.

Can the key-card be personalised?

Yes your membership KEYCARD can be personalised with your church logo and name. Provide us with your Logo or name to be branded on the KeyCard after placing an order.

What is the cost of a scanner?

The Automated scanner cost of $120, whilst the manual scanner cost $25

How many scanners do I need?

The number of scanner you need depends on the number of the members.

How often do I need to purchase a scanner?

You only purchase a scanner once as long as it continues to be functional

Do I get to keep the scanner?

Yes the scanner is the Church's property once purchased.

How do I Purchase a Scanner or Keycard

Visit our Shopping site to place an order. For Keycards: You will need to send us a copy of your Church Logo or artwork that will be placed in front of the Keycard. If you have any questions please email us at

Can't find the Answers here?

If you can't find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us or email

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