Feature-packed system

A unique set of features to help you manage your church effectively.

Manage My Flock - Church Management System Securely store Information

Save your member's information and access it anytime.We securely store all information.

Managemyflock Mobile App

Our Intuitive Mobile App allows you to privately quickly communicate with your members. You can easily reach everyone in a timely manner.

Data & Reporting

Use our Data rich chart tools to view the growth rate of your church over time. Easily generate weekly, monthly or yearly Attendance, Visitor, Demographics or Absence reports

Send SMS Easily

You can send Bulk/Multiple SMS using our SMS App. You can easily Send text messages to different Groups or All Members in your Church.

Our low sms rates means you can reach more members on time and keep them informed about events in your church.


Sending an email to a member is made easy; Managemyflock provides you with an Email Account that enables you send emails to your members with ease.

You can create Newsletters, Groups, and email members anytime. You also get to receive replies directly sent to your Managemyflock Inbox.

Record Service Attendance

Easily take a tally of attendance in your church for a service and save it instantly on Managemyflock using the Manual Entry System.

However, we highly recommend you use our Swift Entrance System which enables Automated Sign In.

Automated Swift Entrance

With Our Swift Entrance Sign In, Members can sign in at the Entrance of your Church using the Swift Entrance Scanner OR simply by typing their name and signing in.

Our SwiftEntrance System is fast! You can monitor attendance in Real-Time.

Real-Time Attendance

Using the Swift Entrance Scanner on Service days streamlines Attendance Tracking as each Member signs in, you can see the Attendance for that Service on your Account.

Collect New Visitor Info

You can easily collect Visitor Information using the Swift Entrance System which saves the Visitor's information to your Managemyflock® account.

In Case you collect Visitor information on paper, simply login to your account and add the Visitor information to your account.

Birthday Reminders

Managemyflock automatically sends you reminders to notify you of Upcoming Birthdays of your Members, so you can wish them a happy Birthday.

You can also check the Upcoming Birthdays page in your account.

Marriage Anniversaries

We automatically send you reminders to notify you about Marriage Anniversaries of your Members, so you can congratulate them on their milestone.

You can also view the Marriage Anniversaries page in your account at any time.

Web Based

Managemyflock.com is Web Based, which means you can access your Information anywhere on any Device (Mobile, Tablet or Laptop) using a Modern Internet Browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox OR Safari

Attendance History

Managemyflock automatically lets you see the Attendance History of each Member and the Attendance Data of every Service Day when the Swift Entrance System is in use.

Absence History

You can easily see the Absence History of each Member and follow up with them as necessary.

Manage Absences

Our Automated Sign-In makes it possible to track members that have not been attending your services. This helps you keep in touch with your Members on a regular basis.

Assign Managers

You can assign welfare managers to your account to assist you in managing your church's data. Member Welfare managers have limited access. i.e They cannot close your account, change password or assign managers.