Managemyflock... a complete solution for every organization.

A communication & Management Application for individuals, groups, non-profits organizations, as well as Churches to stay connected for maximum productivity.

A simple tool to help manage Accounting & Reporting needs in a simpler way and manner that can be easily understood.

Coming soon: A payment solution that will help fast track all kind of transactions & payments.



  • Automated Messages : Sending of Automated messages to all members in different seasons, events or celebration like birthdays, christmas, easter and others.

  • Members Management : Group organization of members into different sections for smooth dispersing of messages to the right receivers.

  • Customer Care Responsiveness : All users can be assured of an ever ready customer care team waiting to assist in the setup of the system down to its troubleshooting whenever assistance is an issue.


  • Transaction Recording : Recording of daily transactions including payments and receipts can be done easily via the App. You can also add Member contributions and print statements.

  • Asset Depreciation - for replacing used assets : Asset value can easily be reduced systematically and automatically.

  • Account Reporting : Easily print or export profit and loss statement, balance sheet or in graphical charts for easy understanding of the numbers.

Payment - Coming Soon

  • Payment Solution Provider: A ready platform for smooth payment from members.

  • Bank Transfer: Easy transfer of payments received to your bank account for easy withdrawal.

  • Payment Notification: Receive alert for every transaction done using the App.
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How do I sign up with Managemyflock App?

As an Organization’s Admin.

you can sign in to the managemyflock app after downloading it by clicking on the Admin Sign up button, filling the form that will come up with your name, phone number, email, Organization’s name and a good password.
You will get automatically signed up and see a page with a generated Organizational code. With this code, your members can subscribe to your organization on managemyflock and receive updates from you.

Signing up as a Subscriber.

Subscriber sign up is easy. After downloading the app, click Subscriber Sign up button and fill the form that will come up with your name, phone number, email and a good password.
Click on Submit, and then you will have to enter your Organization's code in the next page that will come up. Ask your Admin or Leader if you don't know this code.

What about the Newsfeed?

The newsfeed is the section where updates and posts from the Admin are being displayed for all subscribers to see, like and comment. A red pencil icon is there which can be used to post updates as the need arises.

Posting update messages for subscribers could be done by specifying if its for everyone in the organizatio or only a group within the organization. Enter the headline and the message content . You can upload multiple images or none, and then post. This will be visible to all your subscribers in their newsfeed.

How do I set up my profile ?

Once you sign up, all the information needed to set up your profile will be used. You can see your profile as the first item on the Setting Section.

How to add members birthdays?

This feature is only available to paid version of the App.

All user's birthday information are stored in the Accounting platform on the website, and are synced with the Birthday section of the Admin's App. Only the Admin can see full details of all member's birthdays

How do i get my Organization code?

Admins: Go to the settings section, click on Subscribe, a page displaying your organization code will be displayed. This is the code you have to share to all your members.
Subscribers: Please contact your organization's admin for your organization's code

How to have subscribers listed?

Click on My Subscribers on the Setting section. You will see that by default, only the admin is a subscriber. As members start using the organization’s code to sign up, more subscribers will be listed in that field for you to easily manage.

How to add connected organizations?

All user's, whether an Admin or a subscriber, can add a connected organization to his Managemyflock account. To do this, go to the Subscribe section under Settings and type in the Organization's code given to you.

After doing this, go back to your Newsfeed and refresh, and you will see all connected organizations posts and messages.

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